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No-Cost System

No catch. No hidden fees. Simply free.

Hard to believe because other vendors, with lesser technology platforms, can't provide theirs at no cost independent of the phone or commissary contract. Their technology must be tied to the phone or commissary contract and revenue will be taken from the proceeds of those contracts to pay for their technology system. Smart Communications SmartTablet™ and SmartKiosk™ are free and can be independent of a phone contract. This is because at Smart Communications technology is our focus, we are a real tech company. Our technology is self-supporting with its own revenue produced though services like electronic messaging, video visitation, and optional entertainment. Our technology works; therefore, its revenue is higher, and the maintenance is lower.

Smart Communications will install the entire data network and electrical infrastructure in your agency at no cost. SmartTablets™ or SmartKiosks™ will be provided to inmates throughout your facility with custom content and software at no cost. Training will be provided to your staff as well as maintenance and future expansions at no cost. System updates, changes or customizations will be made at no cost.

The Smart Communications system is simply free.

SmartInmate™ Electronic Messaging System

One of the most innovative features provided by Smart communications is the electronic messaging function powered by This feature allows inmates to contact their friends and family through a system similar to email, that has been specifically designed for use in correctional facilities. Access to electronic messaging provides many benefits to the correctional facility. Our messaging system has a decade of field experience behind it and has led to many crimes being solved, and even prevented. Agencies mine this system regularly for a whole new field of intelligence in criminal activity within their facility and communities. messages can be automatically monitored for keyworks that your investigators choose for your specific needs. Messages are fully searchable to quickly locate content as needed, and the searched keywords are also highlighted for your convenience.


SmartVisit™ provides total flexibility and automation for your agency by allowing self-scheduling, onsite and remote inmate visits through both the SmartTablet™ or SmartKiosk™ eliminating inmate movement for visits.

Digital Request, Grievance, and Medical Forms

Smart Communications has the most advanced electronic request, grievance and medical form submission platform in corrections. Completely customizable to each specific agency and department needs. Totally automating and eliminating the paperwork around inmate request and grievances. Electronic requests are centrally tracked and managed, eliminating the need to shuffle paper forms around the facility. Requests are responded to electronically, showing status to all involved and allowing inmates to get answers quickly. Workflow of the request system is custom tailored to each specific department policy and is easily changed without vendor assistance.


Completely free inmate education, rehabilitation, and reentry platform. Inmate education has been proven to reduce recidivism and improve inmate behavior. Smart Communications has invested in the future with SmartEd™ and provides all inmates with free education courses, court ordered and approved courses, self-help, GED, vocational, spiritual, religious, behavioral courses, and more. The SmartEd™ platform is a complete turn key solution that is customizable for your agency, with content management, inmate reward options, and more.

Law Library

No-cost solution with Smart Communications. Content is updated daily to keep information as up-to-date as possible, meeting all of the legal needs and requirements of your inmates. All inmate access time is logged and retained in our system, providing proof of access and reducing legal disputes. Inmates can access legal content at anytime free of charge directly in the SmartTablet™ or SmartKiosk™ right from their housing area. This eliminates the need for inmate movement or for your agency to fit the cost of providing these services in your budget.

Commissary Hosting

Many commissary companies now offer their own technology solution, however distributing snacks is their core business and field of expertise. Technology is not their focus and the resulting solutions they provide reflect that, with limited functionality and poorly designed software. Many vendors will try to leverage commission share reductions, or contract extensions to ultimately have your agency pay for the technology solution they provided at "no cost".

With Smart Communications, we simplify this game and simply host the vendor's menu on our hardware. Inmates order from the vendor's platform just hosted directly on our hardware. We are currently integrated with all major vendors, as well as many regional commissary vendors.

The days of smoke and mirrors are over, Smart Communications is the new industry leader. Are you ready to take your inmate communications to the next level?