MailGuard® Postal Mail Elimination

If you are a friend or family member of an inmate and are attempting to locate a piece of postal mail that has been sent to our MailGuard® processing center, please create an account at or contact our customer care center at 1-727-349-1561 for assistance.

MailGuard Processing Room

MailGuard® finally eliminates one of corrections longest running problems and security loopholes — contraband and secret communications in inmate postal mail. MailGuard® completely cuts off the last conduits of drugs and undocumented inmate communications with the outside world, eliminating contraband and streamlining inmate mail into a labor-free process. MailGuard® is used in many correctional agencies across the country, ranging in size from 100 inmate county jails, to over 50,000 inmate State Department of Corrections.

MailGuard® is a free service provided with the Smart Communications platform and works by providing your agency a virtual mailroom. We safely process your inmate postal mail off-site at our MailGuard™ processing center. Highly trained staff and custom high-tech equipment convert inmate postal mail into a high-definition electronic color copy, uploaded into the Smart Communications digital platform. Mail is filtered with your agency's security settings, and is automatically sent electronically to the inmate directly via our SmartTablet™ or SmartKiosk™ platform. MailGuard® creates a searchable database and opens a whole new field of intelligence for your agency, while completely removing deadly exposure to drugs and poisons from your staff and inmates.

No contraband, no mess, no labor, and no cost. Patented MailGuard® transforms corrections, exclusively by Smart Communications.

MailGuard® was invented by Smart Communications' CEO Jonathan Logan and is the subject of numerous patent applications dating back to early 2015. The first MailGuard® patent was issued in May 2019 as U.S. Patent No. 10,291,617. Smart Communications takes the protection of its intellectual property very seriously and will vigorously enforce its patent rights against infringers to the fullest extent permitted under applicable laws.

The days of smoke and mirrors are over, Smart Communications is the new industry leader. Are you ready to take your inmate communications to the next level?